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The global Mushroom market accounted for US$ 38.13 B in 2017 and it is predicted to grow to over $50.0 B within the next seven years.  Adding the division of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, Blue Circle will be able to capitalize on this surging market and add a revenue stream by taking a waste product and turning it into a value-added solution. We can monetize the currently unused/wasted biomass materials from the other BC divisions.  
Using hemp biomass to create mushroom substrate offers a quick cash flow opportunity as well as furthering our vision of a truly circular business model.     We are creating several revenue streams within the operations. 


  • we will produce substrate blocks using the hemp waste + byproducts from Blue Circle Farms, LLC for mushroom growth

  • the substrate blocks will produce gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for various uses including wholesale food sources for chefs, restaurants, and food processors 

  • the mushrooms will produce nutraceutical and raw inputs to create products to integrate into our existing product lines

  • the bi-product and waste materials from the mushroom blocks can be used for animal feed, lawn and garden compost, and worm farms

  • Blue Circle Retail, LLC will connect our consumers with our high-quality products 

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