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Blue Circle Shops delivers USDA Certified Organic, American grown hemp products while honoring the Blue + Circular Economy principles. There is so much value in choosing USDA Organic Certified hemp processed with the best technology available.  Our intentional process creates a terpene-rich sensory experience, which can only be found in natural, organic products. It is so important for us to find imaginative ways to introduce our consumers to sustainability practices and eco-friendly products.  You can always look to Blue Circle Shops for announcements and invites to our educational events to learn more about what we do and innovation within the hemp industry.  The events and products we offer are designed to integrate the Blue + Circular Economy principles into the everyday life of consumers; however, our main focus remains on the unique customer experience created by natural, organic products featuring full-spectrum CBD products.  We invite you to experience freedom, relaxation, and stress relief through a product you can feel good about purchasing.  You are truly a part of the solution when you support Blue Circle.


Current Blue Circle USDA Certified Organic Product Line:


Organic Hemp Wrapped Cones in Three Varietals

Rejuvenate, Remediate, Regenerate


Organic Macadamia Nut CBD Oil

Three Bottles Sizes - 1 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz

​We also offer great Educational Events at the Blue Circle HQ and will be adding educational content, Livestream interviews, and podcasts with industry leaders for consumers.


Our Five Kingdoms Events offer HIgh-End Sensory Dining Experiences, Educational Seminars, Community Outreach, and Speaking Engagements​

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