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Blue Circle Research and Genetics, Inc. develops hemp genetics and sells and distributes hemp seeds and propagules. BCR+G’s focus is to selectively breed cannabis plant varieties and develop preeminent cannabis cultivars for multiple applications – cannabinoids and terpenes for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical purposes, as well as grain and fiber for food and beverage and industrial applications.


For cannabinoid applications that require female cannabis plant cultivation, BCR+G has already begun trial selections and distribution of seeds for 2020. BCR+G will supply propagules and feminized seed to its own contracted farms under BCF, as well as to third-party farmers.



  • proprietary seed genetics

  • seed sales

  • contract farming production percentile

  • tissue cultures

  • genetic storage

  • genetic research

  • cannabinoid development

  • intellectual-property


We will soon be developing a Global Research Center where we will focus our research efforts.  Our proprietary seed genetics will be used to feed all Blue Circle Farms, LLC operations.  We will follow international rules, GMP, and standardization required to create barriers to the market for our competitors.  We are now in the process of attracting a premier scientific team to lead our research, and gathering the equipment needed to create, store, and protect the genetic materials.

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