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Blue Circle, Inc. is a network of companies founded upon the principles within the Blue Economy ( and the Circular Economy ( Our founder, Brandon Pitcher, is an award-winning change agent and educator, having gained an understanding of social and ecological entrepreneurship nearly two decades ago.  Since 2003, Brandon has been a ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives: certified practitioner and promoter of the Blue Economy. Involved in several global projects spanning agriculture to product development, he has traveled extensively to over 50 countries learning and sharing along the way.  He has appeared on numerous radio shows, TV spots, and newspaper and magazine articles over the years, sharing his passion for sustainability and education. He has led over 500 public and private workshops and presentations, including MIT, Yale, Purdue University, The United Nations University in Tokyo, Sweden's Royal Academy of Sciences, most recently the Zermatt Summit in Switzerland 2019.   

Brandon has worked with a variety of organizations from multinational corporations, to start-up entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, and local municipalities.  Always pushing boundaries, inspired by the audacious goals found within nature while introducing others to the opportunities ahead.  Brandon’s work is inspired by the solutions and innovations found within the Five Kingdoms of Nature (Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protista, Bacteria) and the Seven Basics Needs of Humanity (Food, Water, Energy, Buildings, Health, Education, Jobs). 


Blue Circle has been a leader in education and innovation within the hemp industry since before the beginning of legalization in the United States in 2014. Blue Circle started one of the first USDA Certified Organic farms in 2015 outside of Fort Collins, CO, and has contracted with several farms throughout the U.S. since then. Blue Circle also created the first USDA Certified Organic CBD product for the market in American history. In 2016 Brandon decided to create a network of companies to implement what he had been building upon for the past 20+ years.  Brandon's involvement in the various aspects of the industry through the years has afforded him the ability to develop profitable companies while building valuable relationships throughout the supply chain.


Our background, connections, experience, learning through failures, and timing have produced a perfect “storm” for the implementation of Blue Circle’s growth approach. As legalization and industrial commercialization are increasing around the nation and the globe, demand for the whole hemp supply chain from genetics, to products, and services will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.


Brandon’s hemp consulting work includes projects with; JustBioFiber (, the Renew Sports Car (, and Heritage Farmacy (


He helped raise capital for Evo Hemp ( and Sunrise Genetics ( and has helped establish CBD supply chains for several start-ups.  


Blue Circle, Inc. has developed a portfolio of companies that position it well within several areas of the value chain including farming practices, product development, seed propagation + genetics, and hemp processing. Blue Circle currently operates Blue Circle Farms LLC, Blue Circle Research and Genetics Inc., and Blue Circle Retail LLC.  We are now in the process of adding Blue Circle Mushrooms, LLC to help integrate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms into our operations and Blue Circle Processing, LLC to complete a fully integrated, circular systems operation. 




Hemp can be used in almost any and every aspect of our daily living, from toilet paper to building materials and plastics.   However, the infrastructure necessary to develop the most profitable parts of the business are still lacking, providing the largest barrier to entry for competitors.  We plan to remedy that...  




The growing of mushrooms is well known to benefit the growers financially, the health of the consumer, while regenerating the environment otherwise known as the triple bottom line.  Blue Circle’s connection to ZERI’s global network also provides us with a competitive advantage and access to successful operational mushroom farms, existing markets, and experts.  If you look at the complementary relationship between hemp and mushrooms, you will find many overlaps and commonalities.  We occupy an optimal market space to reach several expanding customer bases at once while solving a huge waste challenge.  




Blue Circle Farms, LLC

Blue Circle Farms, LLC is a full-service, solutions-based company specializing in agricultural hemp production and processes.  We serve hemp farmers, wholesale hemp consumers, and hemp industry processors. Our integrative farming program has developed a rich portfolio of sustainable, natural products and eco-friendly practices for our communities.  We honor the Blue + Circular Economy principles through sustainable practices and deliver USDA Certified Organic, American grown hemp for wholesale and white labeled products as well.


Blue Circle Research + Genetics, Inc.


Blue Circle Research + Genetics, Inc. develops hemp genetics and sells and distributes hemp seeds and propagules. BCR+G’s focus is to selectively breed cannabis plant varieties and develop preeminent cannabis cultivars (cannabinoids and terpenes) for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical purposes, as well as grain and fiber for food and beverage, and for industrial applications.


Blue Circle Retail, LLC


Blue Circle Retail, LLC currently operates a physical store location in Kokomo, Indiana. We also have an e-commerce store online at  BCR offers our privately blended CBD extract with USDA Certified Organic Macadamia Nut Oil or USDA Certified Organic Virgin Marula Oil.  We also offer organic smokable hemp products, including sticks, cones, and flowers.   BCR also supplies nutraceutical CBD products, hemp bath and body products, industrial hemp products, and hemp food and beverage products.   


Divisions in Development:

Blue Circle Mushrooms, LLC

Blue Circle Processing, LLC

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